Do you have a beauty regime? I’m a ‘beauty comes from within’ practical kind of a girl, so my daily lifestyle is my regime. Nice and early I’m straight out of bed to the soap, water and moisturiser, but its what I do and eat that makes me feel good. Five fruit & veg, and limiting meat and white carbs with meals means I justify my cake fix relatively guilt free! I insist on some daily outdoor time, and when I’ve finished baking in the afternoons I squeeze in a dance or stretching exercises when a good tune comes on the radio.

Do you have a particular product you can’t live without? Moisturiser! My skin gets so dry. I don’t really mind which brand and I have definitely reached an age where I love receiving it as a gift. I do also have a couple of special creams I can’t do without as I get heat rash and sore ears (from wearing ear plugs when I lived in a noisy rescue centre years ago). I also love my Back Buddy stick which enables me to do my own physio when I need it.

What’s your ultimate pampering treat? A deep massage session. I’ve got a few aches and pains from my previous outdoor horsey/farming/animal rescue lifestyle, and I love being professionally pummelled by a good practitioner! The only problem is that I am very tickly. I own a couple of working ponies so any snippets of time I can get with them is also a perfect pamper. In fact, since becoming a working mum any ‘me time’ counts as a pamper!

Who’s your style icon? I value what people say more than how they look. Although I do see style as a gateway to presence, which is important when forging a business. We aren’t all naturally beautiful, and making the most of what you have, creating your own style, and being confident with it leaves a memorable impression. You just have to make sure that this is positive. As for my style, it can range from tweedy country browns to flamboyant colour mixes – but always one rule – flat shoes only.

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