This month, personal trainer and nutritionist Sarah-Jane Holt, is focusing on making the two workouts we’ve been using in January and February that bit harder and increasing the weekly power walk to 40 minutes. She also introduces another nutritional tweak. Keep going!

Nutrition Tip

This month, replace processed carbohydrates with whole, natural carbs. For example, have sweet potatoes instead of bread at lunch and swap your pasta for brown rice at supper. The benefit of making these changes is that whole, natural carbohydrates are far more nutrient dense, release their energy more slowly and have a higher fibre content. All these elements help to provide the body with better quality nutrients, maintain a healthy body composition and aid with digestive function. Need some inspiration? Look no further. Or browse our Recipes for many more meal ideas.

Now you are getting fitter, it’s time to ramp it up a little from the base we have set in the first two months. Refer to Work Out 1 and add the following changes to it to increase the challenge. The framework is to exercise for 30 seconds, followed by a 30 second rest, and repeat each exercise four times.

Press ups with a twist Add a twist to work the core and shoulders. After completing a press up, raise one hand up towards the ceiling, rotating the body, with hips sideways to the floor. Bring the hand down, placing it directly under the shoulder, to start the next press up. Raise alternate left and right arms on each press up.

Leg lowers This is a progression from the single leg lowers. The principle is the same, but this time move both legs together, keeping a bend in both knees, and aim to tap your heels to the floor. Make sure you protect your back by keeping it in contact with the mat throughout.

High knees with squat jump Combine the squat jumps from session 2 with the high knees from session 1. Complete two squat jumps followed by four high knees.

Refer to Work Out 2 and add the following changes to add an extra challenge:

V up with a twist In the V position, twist one hand across your body to touch it to the floor and then repeat on the other side.

Mountain climbers A new exercise to replace the squat jumps. Start with your hands on the floor, arms straight, body in a plank position, bring one knee up towards your chest – this is your starting position.  With speed, return that foot to the floor and bring the other knee up towards the chest, repeat for 30 seconds.

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