Two projects running in tandem on joined properties provided an irresistible challenge for LJ Fletcher Builders

What was the project brief?  

We were actually working on two joined properties at once, so we had two sets of clients, both with different requirements. For property one, we added an oak framed orangery with a two-storey wraparound extension providing a large lounge, kitchen, and dining area, with a new first floor bedroom and enlargements to two existing bedrooms. Meanwhile, for client two, we added the two-storey extension which enlarged the kitchen/dining room with one more bedroom with en suite.

How long did it take to complete?

As these were joint properties, we put a programme together to manage both sets of clients over 12 months.

Were there any special requirements? 

The oak frame and glazing were bespoke with special detailing on the glazing to sit with the oak frame on the orangery.

How involved did you get in the permissions process, if any was needed?

Planning was required for this property, but we weren’t involved. We were however involved in the design of the fabric of the building and of the construction elements. 

Did you have to overcome any issues? 

The foundations needed to be deeper than normal due to the soil conditions and had to match the underpinning of the existing house.

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