After buying buildings they had admired for years, a couple well-versed in renovating properties have created a uniquely peaceful and welcoming home they now open as a B&B sanctuary

It’s hard to pinpoint what determines the atmosphere of a house. Happy people are important and being in beautiful countryside is conducive to a general sense of wellbeing, but it takes much more than that to create a home that seems to welcome you into its sheltering arms.

Capel Manor Courtyard gives you that feeling. From the moment you drive into the gravelled forecourt through gates at the end of a private road, off a country lane, and take in the long low buildings with arches and a lovely terrace to one side, you breathe out and think: I’m here, just where I need to be.

Perhaps it is the glorious golden Wealden sandstone it’s built from, the windows framed in that most treasured British limestone we all know from Bath. 

  • words:
  • pictures: David Merewether
  • styling: Holly Levett

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