Summer Study

Susan Elkin ponders the timing of examinations

Raise The Bar

Sue Elkin praises schools which embrace the journey of education - not the destination

Keep Calm – There Will Be Bumps Along The Way

Sooner or later most children will meet with problems at school. Education expert Hilary Wilce offers some reassurance

School Farms – Lancing College

School farms are a great way for children to learn about farming and animal husbandry as well as offering the perfect place to de-stress and unwind outside the classroom. We visit Lancing College school farm...

Smoothing the Move from Nursery to Reception

Starting 'real' school is always a big step in growing up. Luckily, these days it's almost always an easy one, says Hilary Wilce.

Guest Speaker – Tom Avery

We talk to Tom Avery. One of the world's most exciting polar explorers and a former pupil at Vinehall.

Guest Speaker – Charlie Sinclair

Charlie was Head Boy at Junior King's in 2010 when he played rugby in the JKS U11 National Champion school rugby team at Twickenham.

Meet The Heads – Peter Goodyer

Headmaster of Bede's School, Peter Goodyer talks to us about his own school memories and more

Build Your Child’s Inner Strength

Today’s children have been born into a world of competitive schooling and pervasive social media and are feeling the pressure like no children have ever felt it before, says Hilary Wilce

Opening Up A Whole, Other World

John Graham-Hart on why learning a foreign language is not only relevant, but immensely rewarding too