Remember, Remember

Susan Elkin stresses the importance of teaching children the history behind many of our seasonal celebrations

Mix it Up

Susan Elkin explains how new staff can keep teaching fresh in schools Seasons of mists, mellow fruitfulness and new teachers. Almost every school in the country starts the school year with some new staff this month. That means new faces...

Support Network

Teacher Georgina Watford discusses common behavioural issues in the classroom and what can be done to improve them. How do you develop your own set of rules for the classroom?  Every teacher is different and despite us all following the school...

The wonderful world of WACI

Toby Payne-Cook, Head of Science at Marlborough House School, discusses the Weald Award for Creativity and Innovation

How Do Schools Quantify Success?

On an age of increasing exam pressure and rigorous assessment, we speak to three schools to find out what’s being done to reward achievement and identify students that may need extra support

Tried & Tested

Susan Elkin hopes change is on the horizon when it comes to exams

Feeling Bored?

Susan Elkin explains that, when it comes to school holidays, this isn’t necessarily such a negative

Well Read

Author Alex Preston picks his top five books for pre-teens

Make Health and Fitness Child’s Play

Fitness Trainer Sarah Maxwell explains how to engage the whole family in exercise

A Way With Words

English teacher Milly Potter shares the reasons behind her enduring love of poetry

Creative Healing

Mary Kain explains the benefits of using art as therapy.

Perfect Fit

Edward Martin from The Golden Boot highlights the importance of proper shoe fitting

Early Years

We go behind the scenes at Junior's Day Nursery in Cranbrook

IB: Global Passport to Education

ACS International Schools explains why they consider the International Baccalaureate programme so valuable

Under Pressure

Susan Elkin looks into exam stress and how to relieve it

Extra Help

Susan Elkin explores the demand for unqualified tutors

The Ripple Effect

Hilary Wilce explains how a contented, well-connected childhood could be the key to happiness in adulthood

Lawnmower Parents

It goes without saying that every parent wants the very best for their child, and most will bend over backwards to achieve it. But what happens when these good intentions become all-consuming? Hilary Wilce gives us the signs to watch...

Safe Journey

Motorists’ lawyer David Barton explains how the law differs for new drivers and gives his advice for staying out of harm’s way

Meet The Heads

Go behind the scenes at seven leading schools to find out more about the headteachers in charge

The Great Escape

We speak to two students from the South East about why they made the decision to take a year out and a year abroad

Road Trip

We explore the educational excursions currently on offer

Getting Ahead

Julie Redding, Head of Entrepreneurship at Sevenoaks School explains how entrepreneurial and enterprise skills are being nurtured amongst their students

Summer Study

Susan Elkin ponders the timing of examinations

Raise The Bar

Sue Elkin praises schools which embrace the journey of education - not the destination

Keep Calm – There Will Be Bumps Along The Way

Sooner or later most children will meet with problems at school. Education expert Hilary Wilce offers some reassurance

School Farms – Lancing College

School farms are a great way for children to learn about farming and animal husbandry as well as offering the perfect place to de-stress and unwind outside the classroom. We visit Lancing College school farm...

Smoothing the Move from Nursery to Reception

Starting 'real' school is always a big step in growing up. Luckily, these days it's almost always an easy one, says Hilary Wilce.

Guest Speaker – Tom Avery

We talk to Tom Avery. One of the world's most exciting polar explorers and a former pupil at Vinehall.

Guest Speaker – Charlie Sinclair

Charlie was Head Boy at Junior King's in 2010 when he played rugby in the JKS U11 National Champion school rugby team at Twickenham.

Meet The Heads – Peter Goodyer

Headmaster of Bede's School, Peter Goodyer talks to us about his own school memories and more

Build Your Child’s Inner Strength

Today’s children have been born into a world of competitive schooling and pervasive social media and are feeling the pressure like no children have ever felt it before, says Hilary Wilce

Opening Up A Whole, Other World

John Graham-Hart on why learning a foreign language is not only relevant, but immensely rewarding too

School Farms – Hadlow College

School farms are a great way for children to learn about farming and animal husbandry as well as offering the perfect place to de-stress and unwind outside the classroom. We visit Hadlow College school farm and meet some of their...

Broadening Horizons – Siobhan Fogarty

We talk to Siobhan Fogarty, Head of Creative Arts, at Sackville School about how they encourage their pupils to look beyond traditional, academic studies and towards a more creative career path.

How Boys and Girls Learn at Primary School Age

Catherine Walker, Head of Middle School, Marlborough House School, Hawkhurst

Developing a Life-Long Love of Books

Despite all the digital options available to children these days, it's still possible to instill a love of reading, says John Graham-Hart

Out Of School Education…

No school can teach children everything they need to know. David Long, the author and journalist, outlines the benefits of learning outside the classroom.

Top Ten Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read

Here are our ten top tips available to encourage your child to read and instill a love of reading

Meet The Heads – Merinda D’Aprano

Head of the Prep School at Notre Dame School in Cobham, Surrey.

Guest Speaker – Olly Clark

Olly Clark attended St Edmund's from 1996 until 2003, from Junior School through to Sixth Form when he was appointed School Captain.

Guest Speaker – David Hayman

Dr Hayman is considered a rising star in the field of infectious disease epidemiology and ecology.

Addressing The Balance

Despite huge advances in past decades, boys and girls are still making very different choices at A-level. Why is this, and what can we do about it? We speak to Antonia Beary, Headmistress of Mayfield School in Sussex

Meet The Heads – Jill Milner

Headmistress, Walthamstow Hall

School Farms – Kent College

School farms are a great way for children to learn about farming and animal husbandry as well as offering the perfect place to de-stress and unwind outside the classroom. We visit Kent College school farm and meet some of their...

Out, about, Scouting For Fun

We talk to the Scout Association about the benefits of being involved in this historic organisation