Natural wisdom with Ella Carey

Ella Carey is a qualified Natural Nutritionist, a certified GAPS Practitioner and qualified Kinesiologist, who runs Full Spectrum Health. What one piece of seasonal wisdom helps you in August? This time of year is a favourite for foraging, so many delights can be found...

Skin Care

There is a lot more to our complexions than meets the eye. Our wellbeing editor, Eminé Rushton, tackles holistic skin health, from the inside-out Skin has always fascinated me. I think that’s why I circuitously made my way from beauty...

Taking a moment

Wellbeing and beauty editor Eminé Rushton, tells us about her own beauty routine Do you have a beauty regime? I do a little skin ritual when I wake up and before I go to bed. My routine is all-natural; I...

Natural Protection

These days it can feel as though you need a PhD in biochemistry to navigate the suncream shelves. Wellbeing editor, Eminé Rushton, breaks down what the labels mean, and how to keep skin safe, naturally. My skin has always been...

Natural Wisdom with Lucy Parker

We chat to Lucy Parker, co-founder of Flow Tunbridge Wells – a holistic wellbeing haven that offers yoga, osteopathy, sports massage, therapies, workshops, courses and retreats. What one piece of seasonal wisdom helps you in summer? Taking a walk in the...

Come on, you beauty!

Don’t miss out on the mini treatments and other beauty bounty at the Fenwick Beauty Hub at Wealden Times Midsummer Fair

Gut Instinct

Wondering exactly what your microbiome is – and why you should be worrying about it? Eminé Rushton explores the crucial link between a happy gut and a healthy body and mind

Natural Wisdom with Lauren Barber

Lauren Barber is a yoga and meditation teacher and writer who lives in Hildenborough with her husband and dog Pickle. When she isn’t teaching a class at Kingdom in Penshurst, she loves walking in the local countryside, meditating in her...

A Gentle Cleanse

The last thing our bodies need when it’s still cool and damp is a brutal detox with raw food that is hard to digest, much better work in harmony with your body and the season says Eminé Rushton

The Big Mind & Body Spring Clean

Our bodies are pre-programmed to spring clean themselves if we let them, as Julie Simpson explains...

Scrub away winter

They say a summer body is made in winter, so if you’re currently hiding that winter skin behind the 80-denier now is the time to start prepping. With this in mind, we’ve been incorporating LouLouBelle London’s Mango & Lime Himalayan...

Get fit in three months – Month Three: Home Workout

It’s the third and final month of our get-fit-for-spring programme. This month we up the effort that little bit more and make another nutritional tweak. Keep going!

Nature’s Bounty

We chat beauty regimes with makeup artist and co-founder of Votary skincare Arabella Preston

Get fit in three months – Month Two: Home Workout

Personal trainer and nutritionist Sarah-Jane Holt has developed a fitness programme especially for our readers. This month she increases the fitness sessions from two to three sessions a week to ensure that you’ll feel fit and fabulous in three months....

New Year’s Resolutions

Alison Derrick of BeeInspired Natural Skincare shares her beauty secrets

Get fit in three months – month one: Home Workout

Personal trainer and nutritionist Sarah-Jane Holt has developed a fitness programme especially for us. Starting with two weekly sessions in month one and building to three sessions over months 2 and 3 we promise it’ll help you feel fit and...

DIY Beauty – Argan eye serum

Natural skincare and fragrance expert Karen Gilbert shares her recipe for Argan eye serum

DIY Beauty – Chocolate orange lip pots

Natural skincare and fragrance expert Karen Gilbert share her recipe for Chocolate orange lip pots

Beat The Bloat

Hang up the Christmas hangover and combat the uncomfortable bloat with a few simple, natural tips from Helen Barton


Nutritionist Katie Peck explains that our bodies are biological machines which thrive when well-nourished with water.

Nurture in November

Stylist and singer Helen Barton talks us through her beauty regime and more

Healthy Eating For The Family

We asked nutritionist Julie Clark for her top 7 tips for helping children to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

A Pumpkin is not just for Halloween...

Slide into September

We talk to health and wellbeing coach, Alison Nixon

British Blooms

Lara Haynes from Darling & Wild talks us through her favourite bridal bouquet trend

First Impressions

Personal trainer Sarah-Jane Holt gives her tips for a peachy posterior

The Power Of The Mind

Julie Simpson looks at new research showing that lifestyle changes can reverse cognitive decline

Never Too Late!

We asked fitness guru and personal trainer Sarah Maxwell for her advice on building an exercise routine later in life…

Savour The Summer

We talk to Katherine Slater from Bee Potion

Getting Back Into Shape Post Baby

Personal trainer Sarah-Jane Holt gives practical advice on how to regain control of your body

Plant Therapy

Alison Marsden highlights the undeniable health benefits of getting out in a garden

Jump Into June

We talk to dietician and health coach, Katie Peck

What is Yoga?

Yoga teacher Julie Simpson explains that there’s so much more to yoga than we think…

Flex into May

We talk to former Canadian figure skater, yoga and Body Control Pilates teacher and founder of Popcycle, Jaime Cooke

Walking – Where Are All The People?

Julie Simpson steps out in search of the loveliest Wealden wanders

Active April

We talk to personal trainer and nutritionist Sarah-Jane Holt...

Healthy Home

There is a developing awareness of unnatural ingredients in the food and drink we consume, but what about those products we use in our homes or on our skin on a daily basis? Is it having an adverse affect on...

Blossom Into March

We talk to Beauty Therapist Kimberley Brook...

Beat The Bugs

We ward off the sniffles this season, with advice from experts on a more natural approach to immunity

Fresh In February

We talk to artist and topiary expert Charlotte Molesworth...

From Shelter To Sanctuary

A new year brings new opportunities. Helen Barton gives us a few ideas on how to create a positive atmosphere at home to take advantage of these endless possibilities

Take Ten

Whether you’re looking to relax more, feel energised or hit it hard with a new workout routine, it doesn’t have to take hours. Here are a few ideas, each lasting under ten minutes, for a fitter, stronger you

Jump Into January

We talk to artist and creative mentor Baljit Venning...

Delight In December

Yoga teacher Samantha Stone talks beauty regimes and more

Time To Look Within

The change of season can bring mixed feelings. Helen Barton presents a few easy ways of maintaining happiness and developing your wellbeing, despite the wind and rain