War On Weeds

Jo Arnell tackles the trickiest garden invaders

What’s In A Name?

Sue Whigham uncovers the Latin reasoning behind plant monikers

Plants That Heal

Sue Whigham highlights the therapeutic properties of common countryside dwellers

Keeping It Contained

Plants in containers, whether permanent or seasonal, are a delight around the garden. If you’re short of space, or don’t have much in the way of a garden, they can even become mini gardens in themselves. Jo Arnell pots up...

Made to Measure

Garden designer, TV presenter and writer, Mark Lane talks us through his love of the outdoors

The Forgotten Harvest

Expert forager Michael White explains there’s more use for garden invaders than just compost fodder as he explores edible weeds

Course Work

The newest member of the WT team, Rebecca Cuffe, tracks down a handful of the best gardening tutorials around

The Instant Gardener

BBC presenter Danny Clarke explains what drew him into the world of horticulture

April Treats

Sue Whigham selects some beautiful spring goodies to bring your garden to life

Vegetables With Meals in Mind

Dish up your home-grown feasts with pride by following Jo Arnell’s tips for growing success

Project Plant

Do you have spare land to plant some native trees? Help The Woodland Trust to combat the spread of tree diseases with its specially selected tree packs

A Garden for all Seasons

Follow Jo Arnell’s spring tips for a gorgeous garden all year round