Spring has Sprung

Sue Whigham explores our fascination with snowdrops

Early Bird Gardening

Jo Arnell gets ahead this month in preparation for a productive year in the garden

Let it Shine

Sue Whigham gives her tips and picks for growing conservatory plants

Gardening Resolutions

Jo Arnell advises us on taking positive steps in the garden for the year ahead.

The Winter Garden

Colder weather doesn’t have to mean the end of decorative pots and hanging baskets – Emma Hardy’s book shows how

Deck the Halls

Jo Arnell celebrates the Yuletide tradition – and fun – of decorating your house with evergreens

Very Berry

Sue Whigham celebrates autumn’s visual feast

Mellow Fruitfulness

After an exhaustingly sunny summer, Jo Arnell is relishing gentler autumn gardening

From a Tiny Acorn

Sue Whigham celebrates the mighty English oak tree

Squash Up!

Jo Arnell gets misty about her pumpkin patch

The Green Goddess

Penny Kemp on upcycling

Gone to Seed

Jo Arnell gathers in seeds and rejoices in autumn as the start of the new growing cycle