Blooming Good Health

Jo Arnell on why gardening and being outside is not just good for us – it is absolutely essential for our health and wellbeing...

Mediterranean Inspiration

Sue Whigham returns from a magical and inspiring trip to Andalucia...

Containing Your Joy

Growing plants in containers is not only aesthetically pleasing, it can be practical too, says Sue Whigham

Harmonious Bed-Fellows

Jo Arnell shares her tips for growing beautifully healthy vegetables

Gone to Mow a Meadow

Joshua Sparks, a horticulturist at Sissinghurst Castle, shares his love of wild flower meadows

Small and Interesting

Sue Whigham experiments with microgreens – in all their forms

Signs of Spring

Jo Arnell is feeling cheery, as the days get longer

Sweet Smell of Summer

Sue Whigham shares her passion for one of the nation’s favourite flowers – the simple, yet delicious, sweet pea

Seeds of Success

Jo Arnell shares her excitement for seed catalogues

Wild Wrapping

When it comes to presenting beautiful gifts, Jo Arnell looks to nature for inspiration...

Earth Matters

Jo Arnell reminds us of the importance of garden soil

Winter Vegetables

Jo Arnell enjoys the earthiness of her seasonal crop