Bone broth

Makes approximately 1 litre* Use bones left over from a Sunday roast, or ask the butcher for some. If using a chicken carcass, make up the weight with added chicken wings. If you are using raw bones, roast them first...

Vegetable stock

Makes approximately 1 litre   A flavoursome vegan broth can easily be made using a selection of seasonal vegetables. It is created in a similar way to a bone-based stock, but requires far less time to draw out the flavours. Place...

Autumn Butter Bean and Vegetable soup

If you are using dried beans, refer to the instructions on the packet – they may need to be soaked overnight prior to cooking in order to draw out any toxins and then cooked thoroughly. Tinned butter beans can be...

Lemon, Chicken and Kale soup

Unlock nutrients from hearty ingredients and boost your immune system with the goodness of this tasty soup. Use either leftover of chicken from a roast, or boned chicken thighs. Like a casserole, this soup has a mellower flavour if made...

Chickpea, sweet potato and paneer curry

This is one of Anna Stanford's fantastic one pot wonders. You can find more like this on her website Anna's Family Kitchen.

Orange, soy, honey & basil roast chicken

Who doesn’t love roast chicken? This one tray makes for a livelier Sunday roast. It takes 5 mins to prep and then the whole dish (minus the mange tout and basil) gets put in the oven for 90 minutes.

One pot Lamb tagine

Anna Stanford of Anna's Family Kitchen website shares one of her easy yet scrumptious recipes...

Granola plum crumble “Grumble”

Anna Stanford shares a favourite recipe... A quick family pudding, my Grumble uses seasonal plums but would work equally well with pears, blackberries or apples.

Cheat’s paella

This is a showstopper dish but is very easy. The trick is to use the best quality shellfish, preferably from your local fishmonger, and part-cook the rice with saffron and turmeric so the paella takes on the amazing colour. Both...

Chicken thigh, olives & green beans with a basil & lemon dressing

Good enough to eat in the restaurant, but quick and easy to prepare at home, another tasty recipe from chef Toby Welfare of The Cloudberry in Cranbrook

Parma ham, goat curd, pea & broad bean salad

Slotting home cooking into a hectic schedule can be a challenge but Toby Welfare of The Cloudberry in Cranbrook shows how with some good stand by staples and a few chef's shortcuts delicious family meals can be rustled up in...

Peach Melba with crushed amaretti biscuits

Good enough to eat in the restaurant, but quick and easy to prepare at home – chef Toby Welfare of The Cloudberry in Cranbrook shares a delicious recipe