The Show Can Go On!

Jo Arnell looks into glorious late summer colour

Some Like it Hot

Jo Arnell goes in search of exotic-looking plants that thrive in the great British weather

What’s New?

Sue Whigham takes a look at the latest prize-winning breeds coming to a nursery near you

Second Out, Round Two!

Jo Arnell explains that it’s never too late to get the most out of your veg garden over the summer months

The Makings of a Garden

Sue Whigham talks about the evolution of her own garden and perfect plant combinations

War On Weeds

Jo Arnell tackles the trickiest garden invaders

What’s In A Name?

Sue Whigham uncovers the Latin reasoning behind plant monikers

Plants That Heal

Sue Whigham highlights the therapeutic properties of common countryside dwellers

Keeping It Contained

Plants in containers, whether permanent or seasonal, are a delight around the garden. If you’re short of space, or don’t have much in the way of a garden, they can even become mini gardens in themselves. Jo Arnell pots up...

Made to Measure

Garden designer, TV presenter and writer, Mark Lane talks us through his love of the outdoors

The Forgotten Harvest

Expert forager Michael White explains there’s more use for garden invaders than just compost fodder as he explores edible weeds

Course Work

The newest member of the WT team, Rebecca Cuffe, tracks down a handful of the best gardening tutorials around